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Stoneground Hawaii is a locally owned company that provides a variety of high quality concrete flooring solutions. We take time to evaluate our clients needs, educate them on their options, and guide them to the best solution. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and customer service. 

Stoneground Hawaii specialists are formally trained in the use and application of modern concrete coating products and processes. We take pride in ensuring that our finished work is compliant and durable. 

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Concrete Polishing – Smooth Floor Finish

Polished concrete floors are the latest trend that is taking the flooring industry by storm. A glossy finish combined with timeless style, these polished surfaces provide a unique and yet classic style that’s become popular in homes and businesses alike.

The smooth texture and durability of polished concrete provides an easy to care for, low-maintenance solution for all types of space. With so many color options available to you, it’s easy to customize a look that best suits your needs.  Plus, using environmentally friendly materials during the installation process ensures sustainability and an eco-friendly product.

Polished concrete doesn’t just look good; it also provides an excellent surface for walking or dancing on too! Hard-wearing and durable, lot’s of people are opting for this amazing flooring option when renovating their spaces.


So why wait? Update your floor today with a polished concrete finish that will last for years to come!


Concrete Coating – Epoxy Garage Floors

Envision a garage floor with sleek lines and bright colors. A space no longer limited to grime and chaos, but a room that you can proudly show off as a part of your home.Epoxy flooring is the solution for transforming mundane grey slabs into durable, modern surfaces. This highly resilient material resists scratches, impacts, oil stains and water. Plus, it comes in an array of colors and textures that can turn any dull garage into eye-catching splendor.

Easy to install at home or by a pro, epoxy requires no additional topcoat or sealers; just an initial cleaning and light grinding to level out the surface before application is all you need to brighten up your garage.


From marbled swirls and monolithic mono-tones, this groundbreaking technology reflects light brilliantly while adding elegance to your property.   Transform your garage, patio or walkways style and sophistication with epoxy coating—a garage upgrade that will add hours of creative fun to your weekends and increase your property value. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Since all our options are infinitely customizable, we recommend giving us a call or scheduling a free estimate. This will allow us to review your goals and needs, give our best opinion, and an estimated price range. 

We at Stoneground Hawaii strive to put forward our best work with every job. We will use our years of trade experience to advise you and answer any questions along the way. Making sure you’re satisfied with the final product! 

While we do offer a wide variety of services, our main goal is to restore old concrete surfaces while creating a durable finish. Whether you want a power cleaning, concrete polishing or coating to your damaged concrete. We will ensure your newly finished surface will last through Hawaii’s extreme weather. 

Contact us for a free estimate